All Pat Forde, All the Time

patforde2Because there’s not a single creative bone in any of the bodies writing for this site, we choose the option to post about the same subject, over and over, ad nauseum.

Here’s some more of Forde’s basketball stuff:

Pin Loss on Pitino as Cats Devour Soft-Serve Cards

Cats may be too Flawed for Morris to Make a Difference

Kentucky, Kansas in some NCAA Trouble

What Other Goodies Lurk on Tubby’s Desk?

Kentucky’s Tandem is the Key to the Cat’s Success

Rondo, Cats Scratch Gators (Again)

Some Kentucky football stuff, all of which comes from that one year where Kentucky was good at football:

Woodson, Kentucky Bounce Back With Upset of Top-Ranked Tigers

Instant Analysis: Kentucky-LSU

Karma Kisses Woodson, Kentucky in 40-34 Stunner

Instant Analysis: Louisville-Kentucky

Woodson’s Transformation Sparks Kentucky’s Rise

And since it’s not often Forde get the chance to show off his sense of humor, I attached this one as well:

Tulsa’s Success Makes Kragthorpe a Hot Commodity


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