If Your Name Isn’t Pat Forde, Your Links Are No Good here

patfordeSupposed Public Enemy #1, Pat Forde, revealed his version of the ’09-’10 College Basketball Preview yesterday on ESPN.  In it, he talks about the randomness that was the past decade of College Hoops in typical Forde fashion: concise, clever, and never without mention of Ashley Judd.

Now, I know I’m supposed to hate Pat Forde, but I honestly don’t.

1) He’s probably the best College Football writer on ESPN, and he’s not too shabby a basketball read either.

2) He’s gotten the rep of anti-Kentucky, but I think his track record will show that, if anything, he’s pro-Kentucky, just anti-Calipari.

Everyone’s so quick to forget, he was one of the few guys who came out and openly defended the Kentucky fanbase when Tubby jumped ship. Forde and Jay Bilas are the only two guys I can remember who were willing to come out and say what a lot of people were thinking:  Tubby knew coming into this job that being just Pretty Good wouldn’t cut it.

And he was definitely the only guy who talked about anyone else besides Gillispie when the whole debate over recruiting middle schoolers hit the fan.  Most media members made Gillispie seem like the first, last, and only coach who would ever commit such a despicable act.

Not to mention, Forde, whether you like his articles or not, gives Kentucky (and Louisville) an inordinate amount of exposure.  In any given college basketball season, you can bet almost half his stuff will have something to say about one of the Commonwealth’s basketball powers.  I’ve always wondered if people in states like Deleware read his stuff and see him for the shameless homer he is.

And just for old times’ sake, here’s a shit ton of Forde’s work on the Cats over the past couple of years:

Meeks Puts on a Show for the Ages

Dream Game May be a Nightmare for Kentucky, Louisville

Gillispie: From UTEP to UK in Five Short Years

Donovan’s Dis Sends Cats Fans into Frenzy

Wildcats to Introduce Gillispie on Friday

Kentucky Will Take its Time to Replace Smith

Smith Leaving Kentucky to Coach Minnesota


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