Apparently, this isn’t the Miami Will Smith sang about…

Miami (OH) has always confused me. I’d see it on UK’s basketball or football schedule when I was younger and think, “Miami isn’t in Ohio!” When I worked at AAA part of our coverage area was Miami County in Ohio, which is 75 miles from Miami University, magnifying my confusion.  Regardless, Ben Roethlisberger went there and that gives me reason enough to hate all things Miami….(OH).

Some things to look for in tonight’s game:

– The debut of the Wall/Bledsoe tandem. Obviously.

– Miller to “figure it out.” John Wall earlier voiced that the team needed to get Patterson (and Cousins) the ball more. Now, he says the team is trying to get Miller involved.  So, the team as well as UK fans know the talent is there, and I think it’s just a matter of time before we see Miller break out.

– The continued dominance of Patrick Patterson. He was up to his old tricks Friday night, going for a 20 and 12 double-double. This season he’s apparently added the 3-pointer to his arsenal, so I expect a similar performance.

– Who the other two starters are, and how they play. Calipari has said Wall, Bledsoe, and Patterson are bonafide. It will be interesting to see which other players step up. I think it will be Cousins and Dodson.

– If Liggins plays.

I won’t be able to watch the game since it’s on the Big Blue Sports Network and the NBA Hawks are playing on Fox Sports South tonight in Atlanta. I’ll be reading about it afterward though to see if any controversy is stirred up (say, Calipari piling it on and offending the other coach, or a Redhawks miracle win where their coach flips double-birds at the Rupp crowd, etc). Anyway, enjoy watching the game Lexingtonians. I’ll be stuck watching what is likely to be one of the most boring MNF games in recent memory.

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