Chuck Klosterman Does American Polymath

Considering the rise in popularity he’s experienced over the past five years, Chuck Klosterman remains the best sportswriter in America nobody talks about.  Given, most of that has to do with the fact that he’s not exclusively a sportswriter; but, when he does write about sports, he approaches it from a unique and cerebral angle that no one else comes close to matching.  He’s the master at talking about things you’ve always noticed, but never took the time to really think about.  Whether he’s writing about the evolution of football, the Shaq-Kobe fued, steroids, or why it would be cool if the Patriots were to lose the 2008 Super Bowl (which they did, and it was), he has an ability to see angles, form arguments, and write about it in a way that’s entertaining better than just about anyone.  (BTW, I highly recommend reading all of those essays to anyone who loves sports and has a few minutes to kill.  They’re well worth your time.)

Anyways, in an effort to plug his new book, Eating the Dinosaur, Chuck took the time to talk with the folks at American Polymath.  Nothing groundbreaking happens, but if you like Klosterman, you’ll like this.

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