Cleveland State Halftime Update

Kentucky leads 35-27 at the half, but not a strong showing from the Cats thus far.

– Glad to see Jon Hood knock down a 3. Especially with Dodson out of the lineup, Hood has a chance to really earn some minutes if he can become a threat from deep.

– Sloppy game. Eleven turnovers by Kentucky already—seven of which belong to the trio of Wall, Bledsoe, and Miller.

– Not a great showing from anyone other than Patterson, who leads the team with 9 points and 6 rebounds. Wall has 4 points—all of which coming from the line—to go along with 3 turnovers.

– Still no signs of life from Darius Miller. No aggression at all, seems a little too content to just float around the perimeter and wait for kickouts. Kentucky needs him to become a consistent threat if they want to be legit this year.

– Ramon Harris went down with a knee injury that looked potentially serious.  But who knows–Harris gets hurt almost as often as he changes his uniform number.

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