From playing teams in a ballroom to playing a team from the mountains

Their basketball team may not be making waves, but damn, Asheville would be a nice place to live.

It’s so hard to care about this game with the real Carolina on the horizon.  They’re 0-6, including losses to Georgia by 21 and Tennessee by 75.  When Kentucky last played them in 1999 we won 86-41.  All I’d really like to see is a dominant performance by the Cats tonight in every aspect of the game.  While this game may just be a blip on the radar, it should be a blast to watch.

Everyone knows by now that Calipari is lobbying to play three games at Freedom Hall per season, including a rivalry game and an SEC game.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fine with them having just one game, two at most.  I wouldn’t mind it being against a tad more formidable opponent than UNC-Asheville though.  When you get right down to it, Louisville is a mere 60 minute drive down 64 to Lexington, and Lexington is where the Cats call home.  To have even just one big rivalry or conference game played in Louisville as a “home” game just doesn’t feel right.  Call me a spoiled UK fan from central Kentucky.  But alas, may the will of Calipari be done, in Louisville as it is in Lexington.


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