UK-Carolina: What to Watch For

John Wall v. Larry Drew – Look for Wall to absolutely eat Drew’s ass in this game. In a small tidbit of news that somehow seems to consistently get under reported (sarcasm), John Wall is from Raleigh, NC, and grew up a Carolina fan, but they didn’t recruit him.  Mix that in the fact that Larry Drew leaves something to be desired, and you’ve got a recipe for embarrassment.

Patterson, Cousins, Orton v. Carolina Bigs – Carolina is big, and will give UK’s trio their first real test of the season.  I don’t have any doubts Patterson will show up, but Orton and Cousins will be question marks.  How will they respond to their first real test of the season?

UK v. Carolina’s Aggressive Man-to-Man – The Dribble Drive was designed to go after defenses like this one.

Darius Miller – I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here, but Miller’s aggression is beyond important.  We need a solid game from him.

The Bench – Can Hood, Orton, Dodson, and Harris come in and knock down some shots?  If they can, it’s tough to imagine Carolina keeping up with our scoring.  If two of those guys can hit a few shots today, Kentucky should be gold.

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