UK Leads 43-28 at the Half, Wall Shows Signs of Vindictive Personality

–  My friend sent me a text message about halfway through the first half that summed it up best:  John Fucking Wall.  Dude’s had it in sixth the entire game; a couple of circus shots and a pull away dunk cap the highlight reel, but it’s been an all-around spectacular half for the prodigy point guard.  He’s got two steals to go along with 13 points and 4 assists.

–  Darius Miller’s come to play.  He scored 3 out of 4 straight possessions at one point, draining a nice floater in the lane to go along with a couple of 3’s. He’s got 8 points on 3 of 5 shooting (2-3 from 3)

–  Raise your hand if you’re sort of relieved Kentucky didn’t sign Tyler Zeller.  He has looked absolutely terrible today, perhaps illustrated best by one of the ugliest attempts at a hook shot I’ve ever seen by a college basketball player.  He’s redeemed himself somewhat with a couple of late buckets, but overall he’s looked timid and lost.  4 points and 5 boards don’t do his shittiness justice.

–  UK Bigs – Patterson has 11 & 5, Cousins 5 & 2, Orton 0 & 1.  The latter two haven’t been spectacular, but they haven’t had to be so far.

–  Carolina looks slow.  They’ve backed off a bit from their super-aggressive man-to-man they usually employ, probably b/c they don’t have a chance in hell of keeping up.

A phenomenal performance by UK so far.  This is why UK hired Calipari: to bring in brand name talent and beat brand name competition.  Hopefully the ‘Cats can keep it up in the second half.


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