Kentucky Around the Web

A North Carolina fan writes about his Rupp experience and the awe-factor of John Wall – This article is a must-read and just makes you feel good about being a UK fan. Some funny comments too.

One thing was kind of creepy, though: every few minutes leading up to the game, some Kentucky fan would walk up to me and just laugh. Cackle, to be exact. Just stand there for like five seconds, staring and laughing. It wasn’t really collegial laughter, I don’t think. It was more… “Heh heh heh, if we were somewhere else, I would beat the living sh– out of you and then go have a long laugh about it. Watch yourself, fella.” So yeah, I watched myself.

Jason King writes about Bledsoe’s cool down the stretch…and the awe-factor of John Wall – Talks about Bledsoe asking to be put in at the end of the game and how the victory over Carolina showed that Kentucky is one of the teams to watch for. (In other words: Kentucky Is Back.)

Indeed, despite all of their youth and inexperience, the Wildcats proved Saturday that they’re one of the best teams in college basketball.

John Clay writes about the now nationwide…awe-factor of John Wall – Clay also compares John Wall to The Dark Knight himself.

Carolina charged back in a hurry as if the visitors knew they had to do all the damage they could before Batman returned from the Bat Cave.

King writes about John Wall behind the scenes – Awesome article. We’re fortunate Wall plays for UK — more than for his talent alone.

“It’s nice to be known as a good player,” Wall says. “But I want to be known as a good person, too.”

“I’m not trying to put down the people that have them,” Wall says. “But for me right now, it’s all about image. You can’t walk around looking like a thug. There are kids out there looking up to me. I’ve got to set a good example.”

Kentucky is ESPN’s Team of the Week

Wall can be sensational, and few (if any) in college can stop him one-on-one, but he needs an anchor in the post. Patterson delivers in that regard.

This guy says Kentucky would exit as early as the second round of the Tournament without Wall – Sure, we’re obviously not as good with Wall out of the game, but I disagree; our talent outside of Wall and Patterson, though underdeveloped and immature, is underrated.

In that same 40 minutes of basketball, the Wildcats also showed the country why they could bust everybody’s bracket and fall in second round as a No. 2 seed.

The single factor that creates Kentucky’s dichotomy is the nation’s most exciting player since Kevin Durant: John Wall.

Lastly, relive the glory – John Wall highlights against Carolina:


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