Hey, it’s Tiger… I mean Reverselexpat

I’m back and I’ve got a lot to say! Actually I don’t. My contributions to this blog have reminded me of why I’ve never started a blog of my own, I’m lazy and don’t have much to contribute beyond talking about myself, and bitching about others. Despite these glaring shortcomings I will soldier on, for you, the reader.

Reverselexpat getting psyched to blog.

First of all, I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground with this insight but John Wall has a knack for basketball. I mean.. wow… I think I speak for many Kentucky fans when I say the first half of Saturday’s game was the most fun I’ve had watching UK play in ages. Unfortunately, he is such a difference maker that we are a vastly inferior team without him. Hopefully it can be attributed to a lingering injury but Eric Bledsoe didn’t exactly fill his shoes in the second half. As much talent as there is on this team, so far it’s clearly Wall that brings it all together and at this rate I don’t see us making the Sweet 16 without him.

Be careful John! We need those precious knees… those sturdy ankles… that well insulated elbow...

Speaking of saviors, thank God for Daniel Orton. His sublime impact has been pointed out here by denimjersey already and in a post by Hunter Campbell on KSR which hits on his impact even deeper. He makes the point that without Orton, Demarcus Cousins would become almost unbenchable which is a scary thought. Don’t get me wrong, Cousins has shown some amazing talent. He probably has more NBA potential than anyone on the team not named John Wall. However, when he is not being a force inside, he always looks pouty and frustrated, think Randolph Morris minus the retardation. I always feel he’s on the verge of taking the basketball and going home. Without the threat of getting benched for Orton, his attitude might become more of a distraction. Fortunately, while Orton clearly doesn’t have the potential of Cousins, he is a very legitimate back-up and defensive force. On top of that, perhaps some his stroicness might rub off on Big Cuz.

So sleepy...

Finally, this is in no way UK related, but how about Tiger Woods? This gets crazier by the day. It’s hard to form a definitive take on this story since it keeps unraveling but by this point, I think its clear Tiger Woods’ current image is shot. One isolated ‘transgression’ might’ve been forgiven but as of today he is approaching double digits including one 31 month long affair with a girl from the reality show Tool Academy. That is one hell of a ‘transgression’. These are not the actions a family man making a horrible mistake but rather those of a true playa. I think it’s time Tiger embraces that lifestyle and stops trying to pretend otherwise. He doesn’t have to worry about endorsements, he’s already staggeringly wealthy. He’s done nothing that could get him kicked off the tour and hinder his golf dreams. The embarrassment of coming out as a playa has already transpired unless there’s something really sordid we have yet to hear about (fingers crossed.) For all these reasons, the time now seems right for Tiger to drop the family man charade and let his inner pimp flourish. If that’s the life he wants to lead I say go for it, but there’s no reason to make us and especially his seemingly decent wife look like chumps in the process.

Why does it burn when I pee now?!?!?!

One more…

It’s okay Tiger. I know it itches but you’ve got to focus on this putt.


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