Lane Kiffin decides the allure of Knoxville, TN not cutting it anymore

As a result, he’s decided to round up a group of cute little UT gals and air mail them to recruits’ games where they, amongst other things (probably), hold up specialized signs celebrating their athletic achievements.

The NY Times is on it, Deadspin’s on it, and now, most interestingly, Fanhouse is on it.  Apparently every school has a ‘hostess’ program, and they are all comprised solely of cute, enthusiastic young ladies.

Fanhouse’s Clay Travis explains:

“If a coach or representative of the university, for instance, e-mailed or texted a hostess and specifically instructed them to go on a trip, that would be a written record. Or if, perhaps, the university picked up the tab for gas or lodging for a trip of this nature. Both of these would offer an element that the NCAA desperately needs, tangible proof that the Tennessee staff was involved in orchestrating these trips.”

If you have time, read ’em all.  If you don’t, skip straight to Fanhouse’s.  Theirs is the most all encompassing and does the best job of explaining whether or not UT technically did anything wrong.

Update:  Deadspin had delved deeper into the case, complete with appropriate photo of Ray Allen getting sandwiched by those two pornstars in He Got Game.


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