UK vs. UConn at MSG Preview

– UConn is 6-1 with Ws over college powerhouses William & Mary, Colgate, Hofstra, Harvard (a 79-73 struggle, most recently), and two 25-30 point wins over LSU and Boston University. Their only loss comes against Duke, 68-59, so if we beat the Huskies by more than nine we can irrationally say that we are technically better than Duke.

– The Huskies are led by seniors Jerome Dyson, a guard averaging 20 points a game, and forward Stanley Robinson, averaging 15 points. Dyson also averages 5 assists per game, while Robinson contributes 9 rebounds. They are probably two of the most athletic players in the country. UConn survived a second half surge by Harvard pretty much by their contributions alone: Robinson had 18 points and 12 rebounds; Dyson came up one assist short of a triple-double on top of 24 points and 14 rebounds. Obviously, UConn’s success rests on the shoulders of these guys.

Stanley Robinson has at least one sick dunk highlight per game.

– Most of us heard Calipari speak highly of Daniel Orton in Saturday’s game, but he also had high praise for Perry Stevenson, whose name we haven’t heard much this season. Of Orton and Stevenson Calipari stated, “I thought those two won the game for us…their effort and energy was unbelievable.” I admit I failed to notice the difference Stevenson’s presence made, so I’ll be on the lookout for that tonight, and also another intense performance from Orton.

– It will be interesting to see if the win over Carolina translates into not only team confidence, but individual confidence for some players as well. I speak primarily of Darius Miller and Eric Bledsoe. I just keep waiting for Miller to break it open one game–watch out if UConn lets him drive into the lane too uncontested and get his mid-range jumper off. Regarding Bledsoe, I wonder if he might be trying to do too much because Wall’s dominance is bringing out his competitiveness (a good thing); but maybe he’s trying too hard to be John Wall when John Wall is not in the game. He’ll come around, he just needs to relax play his own game, not feel threatened by Wall’s.

– On Around the Horn, J.A. Adande said that after the Carolina game on Saturday, he went through and DVRed all of UK’s games just so he could watch John Wall. Resident goofball Woody Paige picked Kentucky to win tonight. Not that it matters.

Calipari was just interviewed on PTI. Here are some things he said:
**still maintains we’re really 4-4 not 8-0
**John Wall is farther along at this point than Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, but still turns the ball over like they were doing; said Wall brings it, that he’s yet to miss a class or a tutorial, and Wall told Cal that even if he leaves he wants to come back every summer to complete his degree.
**Kornheiser asked him if he had attended any booster meetings with Ashley Judd. Cal laughed and said that she read his book and did a blurb for it, and he’s looking forward to her attendance at games this year.
**for some reason Kornheiser and Wilbon kept making a big deal that Cal was wearing a Kentucky shirt; it was obvious Cal was proud to be displaying “KENTUCKY” across his chest.
**I’m not sure the game tonight was mentioned once.

I wonder if Ashley Judd would do a blurb for Lexpatriates?

– We’re in for a great game tonight. These are two athletic teams and there are some great individual match-ups. Jim Calhoun is obviously going to make it a priority to try and contain Wall, so other UK players must step up. It’ll be interesting to see who that is if UConn is successful with that gameplan. I say if they are, Wall finds a way to get other players involved (which he does anyway); either way I say UK wins by 3.

– Speaking of New England, only one good thing has come from that part of the country: author John Irving. (Okay, I’ll throw in fellow Lexpatriates blogger Reverselexpat too.) And speaking of New England clam chowder (chowdA, whatever), I’ve got a funny story. Once when I was younger I was eating at that indisputable restaurant of gourmet sizzlin’, Shoney’s, with my mom. It’s important to note that my mom abhors seafood of all kinds. She asked me if I’d get her a cup of potato soup if they had it at the buffet; they did, or so I thought, so I brought a bowl of the chunky off-white goodness back to her. She was apparently really craving potato soup because she took a big spoonful and shucked it into her mouth. Immediately, she upchucked it back into her bowl. It was, of course, clam chowder. We have a good laugh about that occasionally.

Go Cats!


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