What a game.  Sloppy?  Sure.  Awul officiating (to be fair, both ways)?  Sure.  Frustrating at times?  Absolutely.  Terrible last fifteen minutes of the first half?  Definitely.  After the game was over and high fives exchanged, I looked at the guy I was watching the game with and said, “Calipari is going to say we should be a 4-5 team.”  In the post-game interview, that’s exactly what he said.

But we’re not playing great (or at least not consistently good) yet still beating good teams, and it’s only December.  We’re undefeated and winning close games.  I can’t wait to see this team come March.  I’ll take ugly wins all December long.

John Wall never ceases to amaze me.  That steal and dash to other end for the dunk and 1 was the play of the game.

I was nervous when Patterson went out limping.  The replay showed what looked like a twisted knee.  Whatever it was he came back in and fought through the pain.  What can you say?  What heart.  What a beast.

What a second half by Cousins.  Love it.

Orton fouled out but still love his quiet intensity and emotion.  You can tell he loves playing and wants to win at all costs.  Love his defensive aggressiveness.

Enjoy a huge victory that the Cats can learn a lot from.  Dick Vitale got annoying when he repeated over and over in THIS kind of close game that Indiana could be a dangerous game for Kentucky on Saturday; I think he’s right, but we’ve obviously got a coach who keeps his team honest–if anyone can keep this team from getting overconfident, it’s John Calipari.  Oh…and we’ve got John Wall.


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