UK-Austin Peay Preview

I know Calipari has had nothing but nice things to say about Dave Loos, and Austin Peay is a fine little OVC squad, but nothing they do should have any effect on Kentucky’s game plan for this afternoon.  Here are some things to look for in today’s game:

– Now that Daniel Orton & DeMarcus Cousins both have a few games against legit competition under their belts, it will be worth watching how they look when they come out against the Austin Peays and Drexels of the world.  Will they bring the extra energy and focus they needed against Carolina, UConn, and Indiana and dominate Austin Peays bigs?  Or will they bring it down a notch and take the night off?

– DeAndre Liggins saw his first action of the season last weekend, and if you believe Larry Vaught, these next few games could very well make or break Liggins’ future with Kentucky.  He’s rumored to be mulling a transfer, so solid play and big minutes could be a great sign for his role with the team.  Calipari’s looking for him to be a defensive stopper—think Ramon Harris with more upside—and tonight would be a great opportunity for Liggins to come out and show him he can do it.  Assuming Kentucky is able to generate a sizeable lead, look for Liggins to get some clock.

– I’m looking for John Wall to have a triple-double by season’s end.  Will tonight be the night?  If he can do the things he did against the Carolinas and UConns of the world, today’s game could turn into an exhibition.

– I know I’m beating a dead horse with this Darius Miller thing, but if he can turn into the kind of scoring threat we all know he can be, Kentucky becomes unstoppable offensively.  Games against inferior competition are always good ones to get your confidence up, and he’s due for a big one.


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