UK leads by a measly 36 at the half

Halftime notes:

– Pretty good coverage of the 2,000th victory in program history by ESPNU.  They had a preview before the game with Tony Delk, Scott Padgett, Dan Issel, Kyle Macy, and Walter McCarty all getting interviewed, and before that they showed the 31-point comeback game against LSU (which never gets old).  Issel said when people ask him if he ever played basketball he doesn’t tell them he played for the Denver Nuggets but for the Kentucky Wildcats.  McCarty said he might be coaching courtside at Rupp one day.  Hmm.

– Love having Jamal Mashburn as a commentator for this game — one of my all-time favorite players.  He, Jimmy Dykes, and the other guy are spending little time talking about the actual game, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

– Interesting that Jeanine Edwards, Billy Gillispie’s human insult receptacle from last season, is the sideline reporter for such a big game.  Probably just a coincidence, but part of me wonders if the powers that be at UK asked for her because they felt bad.  Seems like she’s enjoying the show.

– Kentucky came out ready to play.  Lots of dunks to start the game.

– Liggins showing some range, and UK fans showing Liggins some massive support.

– ORTON showing some range (and rebounding like a machine).  At one point Mashburn mentioned how much he likes the big guy.

– Kentucky is perfect from the free throw line so far coming on the heels of a perfect game from the line Saturday against Austin Peay.  Calipari’s Memphis teams were notoriously bad from the charity strike, so this is somewhat of a surprise, and a welcome one.  Free throws will always be underrated and are hugely important come tournament time.

– In his halftime interview, when asked about the end-of-the-half explosion of John Wall, Calipari said he was really loving the energy of Bledsoe and Liggins.

– John Wall goes behind the back.  Wow.  Eat your heart out Kobe/Lebron.

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