Cats lead 49-23 at the half*

First half notes:

– As if we didn’t already know, John Wall is an amazing basketball player.  The dunk he had within the first 5 minutes of the game was spectacular.  And the one right before halftime really got the crowd off their feet.  He already has 11 points and 5 assists.  Look for him to get his teammates even more involved and finish the game with an overwhelming double-double.

– I knew Darius Miller had it in him.  He’s 3 for 3 from 3-point land with 9 points altogether.  Miller’s stroke is smooth and underappreciated, and the thing I think he lacks the most right now is confidence; his first half performance will certainly help him gain some.  Now if only he could develop that confidence enough to be more aggressive taking it to the basket and not be afraid to shoot his “patented” pull-up jumper in the lane more often.

– Breaking news: Patrick Patterson is a beast.  He’s already got 7 rebounds along with 9 points.  He hasn’t hit his obigatory 3-pointer yet but look for that in the second half.

– Cousins went out at the 10 minute mark with 2 fouls.  They looked pretty ticky-tacky to me.  A pissed-off looking Demarcus walked over to the bench where Calipari was waiting with a raised right arm and fist ready to give him another love noogie.  This is getting uncomfortably common.

– Orton came off the bench and has contributed a nice 6 points and 3 rebounds.  He’s still one of my favorite players on the team.  I can only imagine how much he is going to improve over his career at UK.

– Deandre Liggins was hot from 3 last game, but we’ve seen a couple of nice drives to the basket from him this game.

– Overall, Kentucky has looked dominant and not like they are still digesting tons of turkey and honey-baked ham from their Christmas break, which is quite impressive considering our next opponent and the fact that Hartford and their resume thus far doesn’t exactly demand one’s best game.  Look for the dominance to continue and for Hood and Krebs to get some significant minutes in the last 10 minutes of the half.  Krebs will get 6 points and Hood will look like John Wall on one play.

*I realize the game hasn’t started yet but I will be watching it at a friend’s house and unable to do your Lexpats Halftime Update.  These predictions are baseless and will most certainly bear no genuine fruit.  See EA’s previous post for a real preview of the game, and stayed tuned afterward for Religious Wayne’s sure-to-be-excellent post-game post.


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  1. I will admit to being briefly fooled by this post.

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