UK Leads Louisville 27-19 at the Half

Some Really Quick Notes:

– This might be the ugliest half of basketball I’ve ever seen.  Kentucky should be up by 30 but instead leads by 8.

– Wall’s had a pretty quiet first half.  His fast break outlet to Patterson and the spin-move he had on Sosa are his only two highlights, and he’s taken a few bad perimeter shots.  He’s got 3 points, 3 assists, and 3 turnovers.

– Cousins and Patterson are carrying Kentucky right now.  They’ve combined for 20 points and 13 rebounds (12 by Cousins alone).

– Louisville’s half-court offense is non-existent.  They started the game 0-14 from the field and are currently shooting 5-29 (17%).

– Dodson is the only bench player or UK that’s scored (2 points) and has yet to hit a 3-pointer (0-3).

Despite the lead, this has been a pretty disappointing first half for Kentucky.  At no point have they looked like the #3 team in the country and should be absolutely blowing Louisville out of the gym.  Look for Calipari to try find a way to get Wall going and get the ball inside to Cousins and Patterson more in the second half—Louisville doesn’t have a guy that can stop either of them.


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