Area Man Resumes Blogging

If it isn’t already obvious, I’m not the most productive Lexpat out there. I blame this on a combination of laziness, business, and a lack of quality motivational posters. I fought through these roadblocks though and have come up with some random thoughts and pictures…

I stared at this picture for an hour before deciding to take a nap.

The Louisville game has been already thoroughly analyzed here and elsewhere so I don’t have much more to add, but I will say that Big Cuz’s elbow shot was a bit over the line. Even with it being a very intense rivalry game it was not warranted and while I was really hoping he wouldn’t be ejected, I couldn’t have argued if he was. As demonstrated by about everyone else on the court, it’s possible to play with high emotions without trying to assault someone.

It's ok, I'm just a fierce competitor!

Speaking of the Louisville game, does everyone see them as our biggest rival? From the perspective of someone who has only lived in KY for about 10 years, Florida is our biggest rival, or at least the team I personally most want to see us beat. I totally understand why Louisville might be seen as our top rival what with their geographic proximity and of course the Rick Pitino factor. However, Pitino’s betrayal is getting to be somewhat old news, and while Louisville is physically closer to UK, I feel closer to the other teams in the SEC East. We play Florida at least twice a season, and in recent years they seem to have come closer than anyone in challenging UK’s dominance in the SEC. Plus there’s the Noah factor.

Urge to kill rising...

Also, I know I missed the chance to make a Christmas gift suggestion post… significantly, but I really do like telling people what they should like, so I now present you with a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day gift suggestions list! (It’s on Jan. 15th.)

You think I'm gonna make fun of Martin Luther King?

First of all, I’d like to second the suggestion of a fellow Lexpat, Mad Men is a really good show. He’s already described it in more detail, so just know that it is very well done and will subtly get you hooked. (Also, its got a great theme song.)

A mad man.

Another show I highly suggest owning, or at least DVRing (if you don’t have DVR by now you’re probably kinda slow and won’t appreciate these shows anyway, and don’t give me the excuse that it’s too much money, it’s only $5 a month!) is Parks and Recreation. If you like The Office you should love this show. It’s from a lot of the same writers and while its documentary style is the same, Parks and Rec has definitely created its own world of hilarious characters. I’d say it’s probably the funniest show on tv right now.

Just some of my Thursday night friends.

Finally, while keeping with the tv theme, you should check out Cleveland. I understand the skeptics. Spinoffs are generally lame and Family Guy itself has already passed its peak but this show is just plain funny. If you don’t know, it’s about Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin’s black friend on Family Guy. The jokes are fast and edgy like Family Guy but the stories and characters are slightly more down to Earth, and the voices of the characters alone are even hilarious.

What's not to love?

Watch these things!


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