Roll Tide

I know a lot of people are picking Alabama to win tonight, and that always makes me nervous.  But I’ll be rooting for Alabama, partly because I look forward to the ridiculous bragging rights four National Titles in a row would bring to the SEC, but mostly because I’ve always seen Alabama as the college football equivalent to Kentucky Basketball.

Alabama Football is as tradition rich as any program in the country.  Not unlike Kentucky Basketball, they’ve experienced a bit of a lull in recent years, but now, after being rescued by arguably the most-hated coach in the sport (again, not unlike Kentucky and Calipari), Nick Saban, they’re back where they belong, playing for the National Championship tonight against Texas.

Speaking of Saban, you can’t say enough about the turnaround job he’s done there over the past three seasons.  He took so much shit for leaving the Dolphins for Alabama, and people said there’s no way he’d be able to live up to all the money the ‘Bama brass threw at him.  Well, he’s paying for himself right now.  He’s got the Crimson Tide back at the top faster than anyone could’ve predicted.

As for the actual outcome of the game tonight, they only thing that worries me is the Texas offense.  If, for whatever reason, they’re able to come out and put up a couple of quick scores early against Alabama’s defense, the Tide may be in trouble.  They’re not built to play from behind.

But Texas hasn’t seen a defense like this.  Alabama’s D will give Texas QB Colt McCoy lots of looks tonight, and the pressure will be on him to adjust and make plays at the line of scrimmage.  Pat Forde wrote something to this extent earlier today, but the chances of the Longhorns live and die with McCoy: If he has a big game, Texas will probably win.  If he has a below-average to average game, Alabama will win.

Prediction: Alabama – 31  Texas – 24

Roll Tide!


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