Sports Media Bitch Fest

So I finally had something I was going to blog about yesterday and Religious Views: Wayne Turner beat me to the punch. I too was rather shocked how high Eric Bledsoe was projected to go in the draft and was going to express this with about 200 words and a picture. However, after his thorough summation of the story I don’t have much more to add beyond saying that if Bledsoe is a top 12 pick, I know nothing about basketball and should probably just focus on recommending tv shows and ripping on Tiger Woods, (more on that later).

I'm gonna be rich!!!!

Instead of just lamenting a missed opportunity, (my standard operating procedure), something else caught my eye today on the great KSR which should pretty much be considered required reading for anyone wanting to discuss Kentucky sports. Today the blogger Brian the Intern mentioned his dislike of Tony Kornheiser and I inadvertently blurted out an ‘Amen!’ Kornheiser has got to be one of the most overrated media personalities… scratch that, HUMANS, ever. I couldn’t believe my eyes when previously on KSR, its founder Matt Jones, cited Kornheiser as one of his writing idols. That would be the equivalent of Conan O’Brien calling Jay Leno his comedy idol… Just typing that made me cringe.

America, Please Stop Watching this Man!!

Like many tv/radio personalities, Kornheiser seems to love the sound of his own voice. That wouldn’t be such a great sin if Kornheiser didn’t have one of the more insufferable voices known to mankind. Gilbert Gottfried finds Kornheiser’s voice whiny. [citation needed]  In addition to the voice is the fact that he knows very little about sports and often seems proud of this. I honestly don’t think he likes sports. He likes the personalities involved in the games but that’s about where it ends. On his show Pardon the Interuption, the program often concludes with Tony and Michael Wilbon making their TV picks; a typical Tony suggestion… Dancing with the Stars. WTF!? That about sums up Tony’s contributions to sports media.

Brett Favre + Dancing with the Stars = orgasmic bliss

While he’s got nothing on Tony, Wilbon is also on the overrated side. He comes across as being much more knowledgable about sports  but he always seems to be playing favorites with the athletes. I haven’t watched the show much recently for obvious reasons, but I would be curious to see his take on ‘his boy’ Tiger Woods’ conundrum. While I’m sure it was addressed, I can’t imagine Wilbon having anything but the gentlest, most sympathetic comments about Woods. One time on the show, the topic of discussion was (paraphrasing) ‘Who’s a better athlete, Tiger Woods or Roger Federer?’ Wilbon, of course, thought it was Tiger without question. Yeah right. I don’t care how ripped Tiger looks, he’s still just a fucking golfer. He probably gets more exercise with his whores. A professional golfer…

God I'd love to get back down to my bowling weight.


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