LeBron’s Kentucky Shoe

This is fairly old news, I know, but this picture has been making its rounds on the internet as the rumored Kentucky-edition LeBron James shoe (it won’t let me post the actual picture on here, for some reason). To go along with the new kicks, the Cats supposedly have a whole new uniform they’re going to break out at some point in the season (KSR’s Matt Jones said the UT game is a good place to start speculating), which I’d imagine will also be LeBron-inspired, which is weird when you consider there’s nothing that connects him to the school, other than Calipari.  But whatever, we’ll take any association with LeBron we can get.

Given all the black on the shoe, I’d say the smart money’s on a black uniform, not unlike the one they wore last year as a tribute to Bill Keightley, with the King James patch on the shoulder Ohio State sports.  Maybe, instead of every player wearing the name ‘Keightley’ on their back, to honor their old assistant, they’ll wear ‘James,’ to honor the guy who’s making it so trendy to root for Kentucky again.  Or maybe not.  It’s just a thought.


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  1. black is slimming on everybody.

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