South Carolina wins 68-62

Well, it’s safe to say Kentucky handled their number 1 ranking poorly.  I’m exhausted from a long day and a frustrating game so this will be be fairly short.

Devan Downey single-handedly carried the Gamecocks on his shoulders with a 30-point performance.  Kentucky had absolutely no answer for him tonight – no team would have had an answer for him tonight.  Perhaps the most overlooked/underrated player in the country.  Tonight, at least, Downey was the best player on the floor.

Where would we be without Demarcus Cousins?  He had 27 points and 12 rebounds, and really was the only UK defender who challenged Downey even a little bit.  Big Cuz is awesome.

Kentucky was outcoached tonight (or maybe I just don’t know anything about basketball).  Darren Horn came in with a gameplan, and with Devan Downey’s help, carried it out to perfection.  The game was played at their tempo for its entirety.  Kentucky was never allowed to get into any sort of rhythm or go on any kind of run of more than 5 points.

John Wall was almost a non-factor in the game until it seems he decided to take over when it was too late.  I love John Wall as much as the next person, but it seems he’s starting to miss a lot of shots near the basket after making some super-athletic moves to get there.

Patrick Patterson only had 5 points….FIVE.  There has got to be a way to get Patterson more touches — he needs to demand more touches.

Darius Miller contributed 0 points.

Credit must be given to South Carolina’s defense.  They were tough and made the Cats work for every point.

There were certainly bad calls in the game, but that is not why we lost.

Eric Bledsoe and Darnell Dodson seemed to have issues with indecision tonight.  Dunk it, please, or lay it up; you can’t do both.

I know these seem like frustrated rantings, and they are, but when all is said and done, the Cats are still 19-1.  Losing a game like this may be a good thing because now we can see what the team is really made of; how they respond in the next 2-3 games will be very telling.

More objective analysis and less emotional reaction in the days to come.  Don’t blame me, I can’t help it.  I’m a UK fan…gotta act like one!

Tomorrow will be better.  Hopefully.


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