UK Leads USC 29-26 at the Half

Calipari just told Jeanine Edwards, “…we’ve got one or two players who aren’t getting in there…we can’t have guys playing tentative, if you’re better than your man you’ve got to take it at him…”  He declined the option to names, but I’d say the smart money’s on Darius Miller and (maybe) Eric Bledsoe.  Miller’s scoreless on two shot attempts, while Bledsoe’s hit 1-of-3 for two points.  Some other stuff:

– Devan Downey is doing exactly what we were afraid he’d do.   He leads all scorers with 13, and shot 6-for-7 from the foul line.  On a positive note, he’s just 3-of-12 from the field.

– Cousins leads Kentucky with 10.  Wall, Patterson, and Dodson each have five.

– Speaking of Dodson, Jimmy Dykes keeps getting on him for shooting open shots.  I really don’t understand the logic behind that.

– Just a bad shooting half by Kentucky.  They’re shooting 36 percent from the floor and 28 percent from 3.  They’re also tied with USC in the rebounding war, 21-21, which should never happen given our size advantage inside.

– Maybe the worst half of the year by Wall.  Five points, zero assists, three TO’s, three boards, one steal.

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