The Pitino Coaching Tree

Pitino and Coaches

ESPN writer Dana O’Neill’s latest article focuses on the Head Coach-Assistant coach dynamic in college basketball, which, on its own, does not make it Lexpats-worthy. But, something that does: Consistently citing Rick Pitino’s coaching tree (Billy Donovan, Tubby Smith, Herb Sendek, et al.) as a means to illustrate some of the positives that can come from having a great staff. The piece is worth reading for a number of reasons:

1) It calls attention to yet another reason why those Pitino-coached at Kentucky were such overachievers.

2) It gets to the heart of the give-and-take between head coaches and their assistants. Pitino actually gives a great quote on the subject, essentially saying that four years is the ideal period for an assistant to be with one particular head coach.

3) It gives a much-deserved shout out to the place where Travis Ford got his first head coaching job–Campbellsville, KY.  One of the finest 10,000-person settlements you’ll ever come across.

ESPN: Coaching trees a part of hoops fabric


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