Where will Kentucky be ranked on Monday?

Not at # 2, according to ESPN’s Andy Katz.  He believes the Syracuse Orangemen should be at the two spot, followed by Villanova and then possibly Kentucky and/or Michigan State. Personally, I think Villanova should be at #2.  Those Wildcats, along with Kansas, scare me more than any other team in the country, and I’ve never been a big believer in Jim Boeheim and Syracuse and this year is no different.  But with that said, I understand the logic behind it–Syracuse throttled Georgetown earlier this week and Georgetown throttled Duke (another poseur of a squad, if you ask me) yesterday. AP/USA Today voters are big fans of the transitive property when it comes time to cast their votes, so look for the Orange to be your #2 team come Monday.

On a totally unrelated but hilarious note: USC’s Kevin O’Neill fired his team manager after their game against Oregon, in which the  manager was called for a technical foul that led to a 12-0 Ducks run and eventual victory, 67-57.  Said manager was fired immediately after the game.  O’Neill announced it in his post-game press conference.


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