New Uniforms Coming (Next) Saturday

(Editor’s Note: I’m a moron and thought the Tennessee game was this weekend instead of the next.  Give me a break. )

This according to Coach Cal, who confirmed on his call-in show tonight that Kentucky would unveil its alternate uniform this next week, presumably Saturday night (the 13th) while ESPN is in town for the Cats’ Gameday matchup with Tennessee.  Everyone’s assuming they’ll be black (and after seeing the new shoes, I’d say that’s a sage bet), but what else might they have in store?  Here are some of my favorite Kentucky uniforms from over the years that I wouldn’t mind seeing again:

1) The icicle-shorts uniforms from the early 90’s:

2) The throwback uniforms from four years ago:

3) Whatever the fuck these were:

1994-TonyDelk_1994.jpg image by TrueBlueKentucky

4) The short shorts:

5) Or, if Calipari really wanted to cement his legend around the Bluegrass, he could always go back to these:


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