UK Leads Ole Miss 46-37 at the Half

Partly because this game started at 4 o’clock west coast time but mostly because my internet stream is dogshit, I’ve missed the majority of the first half.  From what I’ve seen, this is what I know:

– There is a Rupp Arena-record number of NBA scouts at this game, and so far you’ve got to think they’re at least mildly pleased.  The two they came to see are playing well: John Wall leads the way for Kentucky with 12 points and four assists, while Cousins is next in line with 11 points to go along with eight rebounds (five offensive) in the first half.

– The Kings GM, upon hearing that there were a record number of NBA scouts at the game, said something like, ‘Darn right.  Bank robbers go where the money is.  We go where the players are.’  It was funny when Jeanine Edwards said it.

– I’m not sure if Darnell Dodson started the game or not, but he’s already got eight points and has knocked down two treys.

– Kentucky already has 12 assists.  Bledsoe and Wall have combined for nine of them.

– Patterson’s only got two points, but he has pulled down six rebounds (four offensive).

– Darius Miller’s got two points already, which is two more than he had in his previous two games combined.

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