Throwback Thursday

I’ll admit that when I first came up with the idea for Throwback Thursday (indisputably the least popular of any of my ideas for this site), I didn’t envision myself throwing it back to any articles from 2007 this early in the game.  For one, that’s only four years ago.  For two, the only good articles written on Kentucky from that year came from the Special Issue: Kentucky Basketball, which, on top of being lame, was just another one of many gimmicky special editions SI put out (and continues to put out) in an effort to sell more magazines.  I mean, it’s not even a real issue of Sports Illustrated. Wouldn’t linking to an article from that issue be a little too easy, and therefore cheapen the Throwback Thursday series?  Probably.  Oh well.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only person reading these things anyways.

This Thursday’s article catches up with The Unforgettables, a group of players that not only stuck with Kentucky after the NCAA dropped the hammer on the program, but eventually came within one Christian Laettner buzzer-beater of a totally improbable trip to the Final Four.

An excerpt:

“They are known as the Unforgettables, and no nickname could be more perfect. Because not a single Wildcats fan from Fulton to Pike County above the age of 20 has forgotten what that team accomplished. They haven’t forgotten the names: Farmer, Woods, Feldhaus and Pelphrey. They haven’t forgotten the games. And they will never forget how it all ended. Fifteen years after their final game in Wildcat blue, the Unforgettables are all grown up. Richie Farmer, whose sweet stroke and bushy mustache made him a high school basketball legend, is Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture. Sean Woods, that quick point guard who could always get to the rim? He’s an assistant coach at TCU. Deron Feldhaus, the tough forward who always hustled for loose balls, runs a golf course in Maysville. And John Pelphrey, the skinny redheaded locker room leader, is the coach at Arkansas. That’ll make games against the Razorbacks even more interesting.”

SI: Bringing Back the Good Times

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  1. 2007 was 3 years ago, at least according to Wikipedia.

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