What About Dodson?

There’s a lot of talk on this site about Darius Miller’s role on the team but little mention of Darnell Dodson. To me, he’s got to start over Miller and DeAndre Liggins. I’m no expert, but Dodson really does seem to have the potential to be a great scorer. He’s already got a deadly 3-point shot. He gets it off in no time at all and it ALWAYS looks like it’s going in. Miller on the other hand has one of the slower releases I’ve seen… Miller’s shot is so slow he doesn’t just plant his feet, he waits for them to germinate! (Feel free to use that one.)

'...aiming....Aiming....STILL AIMING!!'

In addition to Dodson’s 3-pointers, in recent games he’s also started to drive to the basket more and create his own shots. He’s also got good height for a shooting guard, which has to be his most natural spot. If he could bulk up a bit he’d really start looking like a fine NBA player as opposed to Perry Stevenson’s little brother.

'I'm not skinny, I'm just little-boned!'

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m really starting to come around to Big Cuz. (I’m never coming around to ‘Boogie’. Sure, it’s probably a reference to the musical term, but it also has a more nasally connotation. I honestly think I’d prefer if he just went by ‘Phlegm’.) Anyway, the point is I’ve really started to like this kid. It might have something to do with the fact that he’s become f-ing awesome, but DeMarcus Cousins’ expressiveness has become kind of endearing. He just really can’t help himself. As long as they can keep it in check, players that wear their emotions on their sleeves have always been rather likable…. Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, and Antoine Walker come to mind. (Those players are all likable, right?) Cousins doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just more transparent than others and I think that’s a good thing. Just please stick to expressing yourself with your face and not your elbows.

Cousins' poker face


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