What is this ‘Football’ you speak of?


There hasn’t been much written on this site in regard to the football side of things at the University of Kentucky.  Naturally, I blame the media for this.

I do my best to read everything I can in regards to UK athletics–the Courier-Journal, the Herald-Leader, KSR, Cats’ Pause, etc.–and, truth be told, I just don’t read much stuff about football that gets my motor running the way the basketball stuff does.

But Steve Jones’ piece today on Cats’ Pause is definitely an exception.

Jones’ A Civil War of Recruiting Awaits Jefferson County is an exciting look at the recruiting war currently being waged between Louisville’s newly-hired Charlie Strong and Kentucky’s recently-appointed Joker Phillips.  Specifically, it discusses why the football-fertile ground of Louisville is so important to each program’s success, and how U of L’s new coaching staff has made things infinitely more interesting (and competitive) for the schools and their fanbases.

UK’s owned the Louisville-area schools for the past few years, but Strong’s hiring (and rep as a recruiter) sends a signal that the Cardinals have gotten sick of Kentucky plucking recruits out of their own backyard.

Phillips scored a huge victory Wednesday when he got top-recruit Tim Patterson’s signature to end up on UK stationery, but Strong’s impact is still being felt.  U of L has already landed commitments from several 2011 Louisvillians: Wide receiver DeVante Parker of Ballard, running back Jerrell Moore and lineman Jamon Brown of Fern Creek, as well as quarterback DaMarcus Smith of Seneca, the guy most people are expecting to be the best player in the state next season.

But the article does more than list specific recruiting victories.  It does an excellent job of articulating why if you even want a chance of having a good football program in Kentucky, you have to own Jefferson County.

Cats’ Pause: Civil War of Recruiting Awaits Jefferson County


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