‘Bron ‘Bron in Lex

I think just about everyone’s seen this video by now, but given my unhealthy obsession with the LeBron-Kentucky dynamic, I’d be more than a little remiss if I failed to post it.  My two favorite things from the clip:

1) A stunner-shaded LeBron (presumably to shield him from the sirius-like glow of our seven National Championship banners) spectating in the Joe Kraft Center (2:15 mark).

2) Not being able to understand a word LeBron (or any player other than Mark Krebbs) says the entire time (Throughout).

He’s so cool.


5 Responses

  1. Everything about this makes me laugh.

  2. i definitely like coach cal and all, but man, what a schmoozer. his “dramatic” opening to this video is classic.

  3. I am impressed by the 8-count loop of that Usher song that keeps playing…and playing…not….stopping.

  4. seriously. i love calipari, but good god…some of the stuff he says makes me cringe.

  5. btw, this is now the most-commented on post ever at lexpatriates.

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