Pitino to the Nets?

No.  Effing.  Way.  For one, why would the Nets be interested in Rick Pitino right now?  Generally speaking, if an NBA team decides to dip into the college ranks for their next head coach, they go after one that has, you know, been successful of late.  Or has had some previous NBA coaching success.  Or has shown a propensity for getting his collegiate players to the next level. Maybe they think they’re getting the 1996-version of Rick Pitino.

I can just here the conversation now:

Hey Rick, given the perimeter-heavy climate of our league right now, we’d be really lucky to have a guy with a track record of developing NBA-ready point guards like Andre McGee and Edgar Sosa coaching our young, impressionable backcourt.  Oh, and that bigman you signed two years ago, the one that was the number one recruit in the nation at the time, we love the way you’ve gotten almost nothing out of him.  Plus the way you play a 2-3 matchup zone all the time now, oh my God Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich will never figure out how to get past that.  And, just as an extra selling point to you, that sex scandal of yours will totally evaporate in this New York/New Jersey media circuit.  People around here don’t really get into that stuff.

To be fair, Pitino is the one that is supposedly interested in the Nets, not the other way around.  It’s just funnier to talk about the reasons they would never-in-a-million-years want him.  But that still doesn’t explain why he, or anyone for that matter, would show any interest in that mess.  The picture on the top of this post was taken at last night’s Nets game.  There were 1016 people in attendance.  Rick Pitino’s next extortion hearing will probably have more people show up to it than that.

Anyways, he’s denying the whole thing.

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