Breaking News: Rick Pitino is a desperate, delusional man

Yesterday, my cousin and I had an email exchange discussing Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter Page, which at the time was doubling as a tool to publicly crucify Rick Pitino.  Some of Woj’s gems from 24 hours ago included:

“What kills Pitino are the stories are of him courting NBA teams, not them courting him. That’s the embarrassment for him. He’s desperate.”

“Pitino saying he hasn’t had direct NBA conversations in 9 years is false, but mostly he uses 3rd parties. That’s what he’s using with Nets.”

And my personal favorite (even though I hope to God it doesn’t become a reality):

“Here’s Pitino’s nighmare scenario: Gets Nets job, puts Commonwealth in rear view and …LeBron decides to take Cal to the Knicks with him.”

The email exchange concluded with an agreement that instead of cranking out 8,000 tweets in a single afternoon, Woj’s energy may be better spent writing a column on the whole matter.

Well, consider those prayers answered.  Wojnarowski’s column appeared on Yahoo today under the headline: From Russia, with love: Nets eye Coack K?  But all the Pitino despisers out there will be happy to learn that Woj didn’t lose an ounce of that Pitino trashing zeal he showed flashes of yesterday in his tweets:

“Pitino understood that new Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire, wants to hire an immense figure to coach the franchise. Pitino mistakenly believed he could still be packaged as a transformative A-list hire in the New York market. Those days are over, and Pitino is seen as something of a desperate and diminished figure. Everyone knows he wants out of college and treats his denials for what they are: a mechanism to protect his recruiting, to deflect the embarrassment of appearing unwanted.”

Adrian Wojnarowski: From Russia, with love: Nets eye Coach K?


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