Matt Jones chronicles Pitino’s lost mojo

It’s fairly pointless for me to link to this, as I’m sure anyone who reads this site also reads KSR, probably with a much, much higher frequency than they do Lexpats.  But here is Matt Jones’ recent piece on Rick Pitino, which is definitely the best thing I’ve read on Pitino and the current state of his program in a good while.  Jones hits the nail square on the head with this one.  For anyone that grew up watching Kentucky play in the early to mid-90’s, the current state of mediocrity that Pitino and Louisville find themsevles in seems unfathomable.  For people my age, it’s impossible to forget the times when Pitino was considered the hottest commodity in the sport.  He was labeled a genius and an innovator, a guy who’d changed the landscape of college basketball with his novel style of play and masterful motivation techniques.  Those days are long gone, and for people who only know the Pitino that failed miserably with the Celtics and/or has been wildly inconsistent with the Cardinals, this piece is a must-read.


2 Responses

  1. Lexpats or bust.

  2. Pitino is a loser. Needs to retire and become snake oil salesman.

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