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I’m pretty sure I’m the last person in the state that finds Pat Forde even remotely tolerable, but even I have trouble finding a way to justify some of the stuff he says in his latest column for ESPN.  In it, Forde (along with Jay Bilas), says goodbye to Freedom Hall – which I guess I’m okay with – but in the process, goes a little insane with the hyperbole:

“You’ve arrived at the place that, for a span of nearly 30 years, was arguably the most relevant address in the game.”

Um, what?  Who, outside of yourself (apparently), would like to make that argument?  Let me know who you find, because I have some citizens of Lexington, KY, Chapel Hill, NC, Westwood, CA, and Bloomington, IN, that’d be more than happy to correct you.

“The fans have always been what brought Freedom Hall to life. Their fervor for the home team and understanding of the game take a backseat to none, making the Hall the shrine it has been for 54 years.”

The fans, huh?  That’s what makes it special?

Patrick Patterson has announced that he will participate in Senior Day, but says that it doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be back for his senior season.  Right.

As if that loss to Gardner-Webb from a couple years ago didn’t sting enough, they fired their coach yesterday after struggling to an 8-21 record this season.  Evidently, the honeymoon after knocking off the best program in college basketball history doesn’t last as long as it used to.

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