Return of the Reverselexpat

That song did not inspire me to resume blogging but it would’ve been hilarious if it did. Anyway, I hate always starting these things off talking about myself and how long it’s been since my last post and how lazy I am but it seems odd to post again after such a  long hiatus without saying anything, so there, it’s been acknowledged. Now on to the rambling…

Two rounds into the tournament and UK is just now FINALLY looking like a legitimate threat to win the National Championship. Despite only losing twice all year and having so much talent, this team has always looked quite beatable to me. We just don’t put teams away like we should and eventually that can get you. The whole ‘will to win’ angle is nice but I get a lot more confident/enthusiastic about our chances when we’re destroying people and that’s exactly what we’ve done the past two games. Everything seems to be clicking. Wall is being Wall, Cousins has managed to keep his emotions in check while still be being a huge force inside, Bledsoe has really stepped up his shooting, and Miller has finally convinced me he’s for real. That whole bit I did awhile ago about how slow his shot was looks a bit outlandish now. I seriously think he worked on it because I swear it really did seem so much slower earlier in the year. I’ve come around though, he should be starting over Dodson. He’s clearly a better all-around player, but I still think Dodson’s the best shooter on the team. In addition to the Cats really hitting their stride, we should all give a huge thanks to the heroics of Ali Farokhmanesh for knocking off the dreaded Jayhawks. That wide open three point dagger at the end was awesome. Interesting side note, Farokhmanesh is Arabic for Boogie. (Citation desperately needed.)

Ali 'the Jayhawk Killa' Boogie

One of my favorite features RV:WT does here at Lexpatriates is his ‘Stuff I’ve Read and Liked’ posts. So keeping with that theme/blatantly ripping it off, here is some stuff I’ve read and liked….

While The Simpsons is far from being the funniest show on TV anymore, anyone who has ever enjoyed it would appreciate this profile of one of the show’s best writers when it was still relatively close to its peak: “Taking Humor Serioulsy – George Meyer, the funniest man behind the funniest show on TV.” The New Yorker, March 13, 2000.

Despite the fact that The Onion has been a popular and critically acclaimed website for almost 15 years, people still can’t seem to grasp that it is fiction. That said, THIS IS NOT REAL, JUST FUNNY:  “Man On Internet Almost Falls Into World Of DIY Mustard Enthusiasts.” The Onion, March 11, 2010.,17013/.

I feel like I’m coming off as know-it-all even name-dropping him, but this is a pretty interesting article about David Foster Wallace (pictured below), the acclaimed author who killed himself over a year ago. I’ve read some of his work and while I’ll admit huge portions of it went over my head, I enjoyed it and honestly felt somewhat enlightened for having read it: “The Unfinished.” The New Yorker, March 9, 2009.

He's smarter than you.

While keeping with the David Foster Wallace theme, here’s an article he wrote about the great Roger Federer. Like everything else he’s written, it is a bit long but it’s a good read and will enhance your appreciation of Federer, if not tennis in general: “Federer as Religious Experience.” The New York Times, August 20, 2006.

I feel like I should again weigh in on the Tiger Woods fiasco but I just don’t know what more there is to say on the subject. He really is a pretty despicable guy and his pathetic attempts at wining back the public (his ‘press conference’ and ‘interviews’) have been a joke. I’m no public relations expert, but the best route to winning back the people seems to be complete honesty from the beginning. David Letterman handled his controversy masterfully when he addressed it on his show before the story even broke. Tiger has not. I really don’t see how his wife can stay with him after all this, especially after those graphic/hilarious text messages to the porn star. Doesn’t that have to be the final straw? I really want to see her leave him, specifically for John Daly. I’m pretty sure that would be the most awesome thing ever. In Tiger’s defense, I almost believe his whole sex addiction story. I’ve always found the concept of sex addition to be a rather weak/silly excuse, but if it is a real thing, I’m pretty sure Tiger’s got it. Some of his decisions have been so mind-blowingly bad, it’s hard to believe they were caused by your standard run-of-the mill hornyness. He seems to have some sort of super human uber-hornyness that is exhausting to even contemplate. If it is a true addiction he’s battling, I can’t imagine the withdrawal he’s going through right now…

It's doesn't burn when I pee anymore!...

I miss the burn!!


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