Tragedy Strikes: WVU over UK, 73-66

I don’t know that I’m in a rational-enough state of mind to get too heavy with the analysis, so this one will be quick.

– Kentucky picked a terrible time to have arguably their worst shooting performance of the year.  Part of that can be attributed to WVU’s D, but just as much should be put on a poor shooting day by the Cats.  This is something this team’s battled all year long.  Somedays they hit shots, somedays they don’t.  Today was one of the days they didn’t, and WV not only is too good of a team to do that against, but on top of that they were hitting shots from everywhere.

– Three stats that killed Kentucky:

1)   4-for-32 from 3-point range compared to 10-for-23 by WVU. That one’s a no-brainer.

2) 16-for-29 from the foul line. You just aren’t going to beat many good teams shooting free throws like that.

3) Only 10 assists for the entire game. I don’t know what our season low is, but that’s got to be it or close to it.

– There’s really not much to say beyond this: When Kentucky doesn’t hit shots, they become infinitely more beatable.  Today they didn’t hit anything, and as a result, WV was able to shut them down.

I hope to have more later on tonight, once I’m able to settle down and think about today’s game and this season with a level head.  I feel like an upset parent right now.  It’s not that I’m angry, I’m just so disappointed.


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