Lexpatcast – Episode One


Finally!  It only took me two-and-a-half weeks to figure it out, but the inaugural installment of the Lexpatriates Podcast is finally online.

Listen to ReverseLexPat and myself nervously (and drunkenly — but only to combat the nerves) stumble and vocal-pause our way through a 50-minute conversation ranging from John Calipari’s first season in Lexington to Tiger Woods’ comeback to why Interested In: Wayne Turner may have been a more strategic blogging alias.  Fair warning: both of us greatly underestimated our conversational savvy.  As a result, Reverse’s phone dies about 30 minutes in (almost certainly in response to the intensity of our chat), and we went just a bit over the 30-minute time limit we’d set for ourselves.  Oh well.  As RLP said just as we were about to sign off, our first foray into the podcasting world was, we think, “not at all a failure.”

Lexpatriates Podcast – Episode I (Part I)

Lexpatriates Podcast – Episode I (Part II)


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